John has been legally blind for decades and has faced many trials and tribulations. He has overcome many roadblocks and followed many detours on his path to become successful in his professional as well as personal life.

Access to a good education was a challenge for John as it is for most visually-impaired youngsters. Not willing to be a statistic and refusing to be a victim of low expectations, John refused to stop learning after finishing high school by continuing on to college.

In spite of his best intentions, John was unprepared for the challenges and increased responsibilities of college life and just eeked out passing grades his first few years. It was then, when John was on academic suspension for failing grades, that he had a personal revelation. He realized that many of the struggles he had inside and outside the classroom were avoidable. In fact, John had brought most of his challenges upon himself by refusing to adopt new tools for his changing situation.

Once John had realized that new situations require new skills, he was able to go from dropout to Dean’s list. By adopting effective new skills for new situations, John was able to quickly change his life from loser to leader. The benefits were immediate—less stress, better grades, and greater self esteem.

Since learning that success is not just for the fortunate few and that everyone, no matter what challenges they face, can succeed with the right attitudes and skills, John has dedicated thousands of hours coaching others on how they too can overcome their hurdles.

What John Bailey Does

John Bailey is an organization growth speaker and author who focuses on organizational marketing. John has over 15 years’ experience working with groups and associations to help them grow both their membership and influence.

John has:

  • been recognized by 3 Virginia Governors for his leadership heading several State boards and councils;
  • worked with Eastern European leaders on modern organization growth strategies;
  • been hired by Saudi Arabian government to train student organizers on effective communications skills;
  • grown the National Federation of the Blind of Virginia by nearly 30 percent in a two-year period;
  • developed membership growth programs for the Lions of Virginia.

John is also a published author. He holds a Certificate in Leadership Communications from George Mason University (2007) and a degree in Communications from George Mason University. John is a 2006 graduate of Leadership Fairfax.

How John Does It

John works with companies and organizations to build stronger organizational and community relationships by improving clients’ verbal, interpersonal and organizational communication. He accomplishes this through keynotes, seminars, training and consulting.

John focuses on

  • communication
  • people skills
  • persuasion
  • leveraging social media
  • team building
  • leadership
  • networking
  • other personal development and organizational marketing topics

John has delivered hundreds of interactive, entertaining, stimulating, thought provoking and content-rich paid presentations to more than 100 different companies, governmental agencies and associations throughout the world (U.S. State Department, Saudi Arabian Cultural Mission, Lions Clubs International, National Federation of the Blind and more). He is the author of “BUILD MEMBERSHIP MOJO: 97 Proven Ways to Grow Your Organization,” along with hundreds of articles and videos about growing organizations through strategic marketing.

Why Hire John Bailey?

  • John is a 2014 graduate of the National Speakers Association’s D.C. Speaker’s Academy, which ensures that their graduates uphold the highest ethical and professional standards of the speaking industry.
  • John has a proven track record and experience. John has delivered hundreds of presentations, averages 4.8 to 5.0 out of 5.0 on evaluations and is referred to others by more than 90% of his clients.
  • John’s knowledge, skills, abilities, experience and customization of his presentation will make your meeting a memorable one.
  • John will help you increase attendance. John will send e-mails to all participants (if you wish) prior to your meeting. John will promote the benefits of attending his session. He will then send other e-mails closer to the date of the conference.
  • John has greatly increased attendance by personally advertising his programs. Furthermore, he will assist you in any way possible to promote your meeting.
  • John spends considerable time preparing and customizing his presentations so that his material deals with your people, your challenges, your concerns and your needs. Besides making your meeting a success, he will also make you look good!
  • John gives extras. You get added value with each presentation.
  • Special pricing for 2 or more sessions, saving you money for additional speakers and their expenses
  • Worksheets and special handout materials and gifts
  • Articles for your newsletter or magazine to remind and reinforce
  • John’s “2 minute tips ezine” to remind and reinforce
  • E-mail Follow-up to all participants to thank them and summarize key points
  • Debriefs for key leaders on observations of the meeting with suggestions for continual improvement
  • Discount prices on John’s books and tapes, as well as availability of signed book copies.
  • Option to videotape the session at no additional licensing charge to remind and reinforce, provide to new employees/members or to sell.
  • Plus … John will be available to meet and mingle with the attendees before and after the presentation. John will not “run off”!

Other Reasons to Hire John

John is affordable. While his qualifications, energy and ratings are high, his fees are surprisingly low. In fact, many speakers with fewer qualifications charge more. Plus, if you book John for multiple presentations, you’ll save even more! Get a 5-star speaker for a 3-star price!

John is easy to work with. John is flexible and will help in any way possible to make your meeting the best. If you want a “low maintenance” speaker, call John.

John is an author. This alone will draw people to your meeting. More credibility is given to someone who has written books than someone who has not.

John has real-life experience. John is not just another motivational speaker, but a “real life” practitioner with practical “how to” solutions and proven results.

John will be your insurance policy. For an additional low fee and expenses, John will attend your entire conference and be available to speak if one of your other speakers fails to show up.

Most important of all, John will provide your audience with a fast-paced, interactive, energetic, thought-provoking, high content and fun presentation with real life information they can use … NOW!

Can you afford to risk your meeting and career on less experienced, part-time “speakers”? Contact John Bailey to set up a speaking engagement today!